Longbow & Re-curve bows

Session cost £30 per person

(Sessions will last an hour to 90 minutes)

Haywood Oaks Activity Centre is on the edge of Sherwood Forest so what better place for you to learn how to be a regular Robin Hood than his own stomping ground of Nottingham?


Our archery sessions begin with safety information and group instruction on how to use the equipment. Then in pairs, you will first of all use the longbows and shoot at the bosses. Although some of you would like to use your own boss as a target, we most definitely do not permit that!!! The bosses in question are traditional archery targets with the coloured circles - gold in the centre scoring the most points. You have unlimited shots and your instructor will be on hand to advise on technique so the only thing stopping you scoring big points is you!!!

You will then move onto the recurve bows and a different type of target - this time it will be 3D archery targets - life size animals. Normally we would encourage you to eat what you kill but a big rubber deer might not be too tasty - save your appetite for a bite to eat in our cafe. Again you will have unlimited arrows - perfect practice for the end of the session where your skills will be put to the test in a competition.

Will you be a William Tell or should the only archers you go near be a bottle of peach schnapps??? 

Included in the price of your archery session is hire of bows, arrows, all safety equipment, insurance, tea or coffee and the delightful company of one of our expert instructors. 

We have a range of different bows to suit your size and strength. Archery is enjoyed by all, it is a sport where everyone can compete no matter what their age or gender.

If you would prefer a taster experience rather than an in depth archery session then our Triple Targets might be a better option - click here for details.

Don't get shafted by anyone else! - Give us a call today to book your Archery session or purchase a gift voucher - (01623) 883798


Booking - All we ask for is £10 per person deposit to book an event. It doesn't matter how many activities you book for, it is still just £10.

Dress Code - Dress for the weather, ensure shoulders are covered. Wear trousers or shorts and sensible, comfy footwear. If doing a water activity don’t forget a change of clothes and a towel. If taking part in an outdoor activity please be aware that it could be muddy and wet. The Company will not be liable for any damage to personal items including clothing.


Availability - The only days we close are Christmas Day & New Years Day.

You will need to book in for your session rather than just turn up - we need to make sure there is an instructor available.


Transfer Time - We are 15 minutes from Nottingham's city centre and 10 minutes from Mansfield. Transfers are not included in the price but can be sourced if required. Only 5 minutes from Sherwood Forest and Centre Parcs.


Multi-activity - If you would prefer to stay on one site then you can combine any of our activities together to make a day of it! (Archery, Triple Targets & Clay Shooting)

However, if there are any other activities which you would like to participate in; we can arrange for you to do the following which are just a short drive away:- Quad biking, Segways & Paintball.

Add ons - Lunch or breakfast is available, with prior notice, from our extensive menu.

Restrictions - Suitable for children from the age of 8 upwards depending on their size and strength.